Custom Pet Sculptures

One-of-a-kind sculptures of your one-of-a-kind pet

Let me create a custom pet sculpture as a special tribute to your beloved companion.  Together we can design a timeless sculpture of your living pets or create memorial sculptures and custom urns to honor pets who have passed. Custom sculptures usually take one or two months to complete.

Varied pricing to fit many budgets

I create pet sculptures in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate many budgets. A sculpture of at least 7 inches usually allows enough detail to capture the pet, and costs start at $275 (about $450 for a 9-inch version, $750 for a 12-inch version, and $1200 for a 15-inch sculpture). Larger sculptures and smaller “sketch” sculptures are also possible. I ask for a 50% deposit to start, with the remainder (plus shipping, if needed) due when the piece is ready to go. Colorado residents also pay sales tax.

Contact me for a price quote.


Custom Pet Sculpture is Based on Photographs

I use your favorite photographs to build a sculpture of your pet in my own Rudkin-esque style. Photos of the pose you like from different angles are ideal, along with a close headshot of your pet.

Incorporate Your Pet’s Favorite Things

I can incorporate favorite toys, poses, sleeping places, or activities to further personalize your custom pet sculpture.

Depict Two Pets Together

One of the fun aspects of sculpting two (or more) animals together is that you get not only each animal, but also a depiction of the relationship between them. If your pets have a special bond, we can build that into the sculpture.

Memorial Sculptures and Urns

In addition to sculptures of living pets, I also build memorial sculptures and custom urns for the ashes of beloved pets who have passed. I build my sculptures hollow so most designs can be adapted for use as urns. Pets can also be built on a ceramic base, with or without your pet’s names and/or dates

Can Be Built on Toys

I love incorporating antique toys or other meaningful objects into my sculptures. You can choose from an antique I already have, I can hunt for the perfect antique to use, or perhaps you already have a meaningful heirloom around which a custom pet sculpture could be built.

Functional Custom Pet Sculptures

Custom pet sculptures need not be only decorate. We can incorporate a variety of functions into you custom sculpture– vase, food bowl, desk set. If you can imagine it, I’ll try to build it.

See more examples of pet sculptures on Pinterest