Fritz the Doodle Dog Paintbrush Holder

“I am almost in tears as I sit here and look at the ‘Fritz’ that you created. It is beyond perfect in every way and I just can’t stop staring at it… I feel very rich right now as the caretaker for your amazing sculpture that I will treasure always. I hope you truly understand how very happy your creation makes me. ‘Fritz’ will help inspire all the work I do in the future as he will be right next to my workspace where he can make sure I am trying to work toward the standard you have set.”

Davis, Webster Groves, MO

Wooly Mammoth Sculpture

“Kim gave me this cool sculpture of a wooly mammoth as a chemotherapy present.  (A tradition she started with my very first round of chemo.)  It was commissioned from a local artist and friend, Jen Rudkin in Louisville, CO.  Jen is a marvelous artist and has created many soulful, evocative fired clay sculptures of animals.  This was her first prehistoric mammal, however, and she researched it for many of the details.  I’m very fond of it.  As you can see, the mammoth is wooly whereas I am not.”

Jerry, Lakewood, CO