Testimonial #4

THANK YOU!!  I’m sure that you know how it is — you see something and feel a kinship and that artist’s work gives you a sigh of relief because there is that sense of — ahhhhh,  this is beauty, this is comfort, I feel at home with this artist’s expression of self.  We have a thriving arts community in Alaska and there are many, many beautiful and pretty things to see and I have many artist friends in that community.  I am not one to buy a whole lot of things by any particular artist — I’m not sure I have ever done it before!  But when I saw your pieces I was compelled — they are the kind of earthy beauty that feeds my soul.  Ahhhh — what a lovely feeling that is.  So — thank you for sharing your gift and your expression of yourself — you have enriched my life and given me countless times during the day of ahhhh, this is comfortable and beautiful and my soul is fed.

Cynthia, Anchorage, AK