It’s time for Shoni’s rescue dog fundraiser! If you follow Rudkin Studio you know that I run an annual doodle-rescue fundraiser in honor of my goofy labradoodle muse, Tupelo Honey. Well, now it’s time for Tupelo’s little sister Shoni to help out her fellow rescues. Are you pretty good at breed identification? See if you can guess Shoni’s ancestors in this online fundraiser.

Shoni’s Rescue Dog Fundraiser

Think you know your dog breeds? Let’s See!

The DNA Results Are In

Guess Shoni’s Breeds — $10 (or more) donation per guess

** All Proceeds Donated to RezDawg Rescue **

Rescue Dog Day 1

HISTORY: Shoni came from a shelter in Riverton WY in 2005. A young couple turned her in @ 3-4 months because she “couldn’t learn anything.” May come from the Wind River Reservation.

PHYSICAL. Weighs about 42 lbs. Sheds very little. At age 12, she’s been pretty healthy– bladder infection as a pup, bad teeth at an early age, and now arthritis.

PERSONALITY: Even as a baby Shoni was more serious and mature than her goofy labradoodle big brother. Loves little kids and adults too but very loyal to her main person. Super sweet and well behaved. On the submissive side with people– still piddles if a visitor gives her attention. Great off-leash– stays close but goes deaf if a rabbit runs by. Not yappy but barks at things. On rare occasion growls and snaps unpredictably– sounds ferocious but has never broken skin and it’s totally over in seconds. Usually happy and calm but stressed by car rides and new places. Will wade in water but not swim. A good jumper– could follow the labradoodle over a 4-foot fence. Not interested in fetch. Learns tricks well. Food motivated but not an overeater.

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We have Shoni’s genetic history to her great grandparents– 8 ancestors.

  • More than one of the eight could be the same breed
  • If a great grandparent was not purebred, s/he/they are designated “Mixed Breed.”
  • Otherwise breeds are specific (e.g., “Yorkshire Terrier” not “Terrier”).
  • Hint: not every breed is obvious from the pics — feel free to go a little wild.

**The person who comes closest will receive a small gift and bragging rights**

So donate $10 or more to RezDawg Rescue using the “Donate” button and then email with guesses for all 8 ancestors.


Let’s see how many ancestors YOU get right! 

Breed Reveal will occur around FEBRUARY 24, 2018 so get your responses in before then