Here’s a one-of-a-kind tiger sculpture that will appeal to tiger lovers and coffee drinkers alike. I built this tiger sculpture on a gorgeous and rare antique tin. The tin advertises “Tigo” brand coffee with beautiful bright graphics. It has just enough rust and wear to know the can has seen some use and age. The tin that measures 4″ x 5″ and dates to 1940, made in Philadelphia.

I created the tiger using different colored clay bodies, stains, and color washes, fired to cone 5. He (or she) holds a bright blue coffee cup that echoes the blue tones around the tiger graphic on the can.

But while the tiger on the coffee can looks fierce, the ceramic tiger seems kind-hearted and harmless. Is this because he was soothed by a good cup o’ joe? Or will the coffee bring out the fierceness? You decide :). 

The tiger sculpture and tin together in this mixed media sculpture measure over 12″ high. They will ship unattached for safer travels.


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