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Friendly monsters are super fun to create. They allow one’s imagination full reign. Monsters can have as many eyes, arms, and toes as the creator wants. Hairy or bare. Horned or not. There are no constraints. And though I don’t usually set out to make my monsters sweet, they always end up as friendly monsters.

In this sculpture a fuzzy pink monster with mismatched eyes stands on oversized feet. Despite the presence of horns and fangs, this friendly monster is in search of love. And he has an offering. He carries in his blue vase a single silk rose. Hopefully someone will see the sweetness and charm lying underneath his monsterly exterior.  

I call this monster, “Thorn.” As the African proverb says, one needs to water the thorns for the sake of the roses. The hopeful romantic is made of a porcelain and stoneware blend clay, finished with glaze, stains, and washes, and fired to cone 5. He stands about 17 inches high.