Here is a St Bernard dog and cat sculpture to warm your heart. When you’re just a little kitty, it sure helps to have a big protector. In this sculpture, a large St Bernard hovers over a small cat who nestles comfortably between the massive dog’s front paws. 

The St Bernard is big, but friendly. He (or she) looks out at the viewer with a welcoming expression. Maybe he is showing off his little friend. The orange tiger cat looks happy to have found such a safe cozy spot, with her (or his) green eyes wide and tail draped comfortably over the big dog. As a final touch the kitty sports a handsome set of nylon whiskers.

I created this St Bernard dog and cat sculpture from different colored clay bodies, finished with stains and washes and fored to cone 5. The sculpture measures about 7 inches tall and 6 inches long.


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