This scottish highlander sculpture had its beginnings near Amsterdam. I went for a walk in a quiet park close to the hotel and spotted some most unusual footsteps in the mud. Before long, I was face-to-face with a very large cow. After the initial shock, I got closer and could feel her peaceful energy. This was the most adorable cow I’d ever seen! I reached around the oversized horns to pat her shaggy fur. Without a doubt I knew I had to honor the scottish highlander’s presence in a sculpture.

I created the sculptural version of the cow from different colored clay bodies finished with stains, and fired to cone 5. A clear glaze on the very long horns adds a pop of shine. And like the real-life version, this cow likes to stick out her tongue. The encounter took place a few years ago but I still carry the experience close in my heart. You can read more about the origins of this scottish highlander sculpture and see the original model on my Rudkin Studio facebook page.



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