This race ready rabbit sculpture is one of my all-time favorite designs. I rarely keep sculptures for myself but the prototype for this one resides in my bedroom (with little treasures hidden under the hollow base). 
The lanky hare has an expectant look on his face as he laces up his oversized blue converse all stars. Maybe this is the day he beats that pesky tortoise. The rabbit is full of charming details. He has a white slightly pot belly, generous whiskers, and a fluffy (if clay can be called “fluffy”) cotton tail. The Chuck Taylors have eyelets and no-skid soles and of course a little star patch. I used a textured matte brown glaze with hints of green on the hollow base.
My alternative title for this rabbit sculpture is “Bunny Ears” but the joke may be a little subtle (hint: check out the right shoe 🙂 )


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