This pixie sculpture is based on the graphic of a well-loved game. I’m old enough to have spent many hours playing pick-up-sticks with my sister. Anyone else? Do you remember the flick- getting the point of one stick underneath the gap of a stick lying across others? And peering in so close to detect any movement at all? Here’s a refresher on the rules if you like: 

In this sculpture, the children’s game comes to life with an adorable ceramic pixie perched atop the long container of sticks. He can hold one stick in his hand. Awaiting his turn, perhaps? Like the pixies in the graphic, the ceramic pixie has long pointy boots, a fun pointy hat, and pointy ears to go along with his pointy stick. And check out his gappy overalls and sleeves!

The pixie sculpture stands about 13.5 inches tall. I created the pixie from a porcelain and stoneware blend clay, fired to cone 5 and finished with washes.


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