I do love the gentle giants and this sweet neapolitan mastiff dog sculpture has oversized charm. A lot of love went into this sculpture. The starting point was a conversation with my hairstylist about aging. I’m not very well versed in all the ways people can appear younger than they are. Frankly, all that seems like too much work for me. I left with a fun new haircut and an added resolve to embrace my wrinkles. And then I created this sculpture.

The handsome gray neapolitan mastiff is wrinkled, wrinkled, wrinkled from head to toe. She (or he) sits tall while all the folds take shape around her. I see a great love of life in those expressive blue eyes!

I created this marvelous mastiff dog from a porcelain and stoneware blend clay body, finished with stains and washes and fired to cone 5. The sculpture measures about 10 inches high.

This sculpture, like many others, made its debut on facebook. Like my page to see the latest:


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