I do love a monster sculpture with character. And this guy exudes personality. Like so many of my monsters, I start off intending to capture my inner ogre but the monster come out looking huggable. 

I created the monster from different colored clay bodies. His body is mostly gold clay with red clay hair and white clay horns, toe claws, and teeth. Garble has an adorable toothy underbite. The underbite explains this guy’s name. And for added cheer, I added purple spots to his fuzzy body. He also has fuzzy red clay tail for added stability.

I designed this monster as a candy holder, or holder of other small treasures– maybe jewelry or small collectibles. His top half lifts off. It does lift off easily so is not intended to be in the reach of young children or mischievous cats :). The interior is glazed a beautiful deep blue for a bright burst of color when opened.

You might place a piece of candy in the monster’s outreached hands as a hint as to what lies inside. No one would ever guess that this monster has an inner chamber. (In the photo I gave Garble a ceramic star for illustrative purposes).

This monster holder measures 14 inches tall from his white toenail to pointy horn, and about 6 inches wide and deep.


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