I do love sculpting unusual animals and chances are you haven’t seen a mole digging sculpture. In this mixed media work of art, a star-nosed mole sits atop a beautiful old digger toy. And behold, the mole has uncovered a couple of juicy worms!

I created the mole from different colored clay bodies, finished with glaze and stain and washes. It’s always a challenge to pack personality into animals without visible eyes but I think this mole has lots of charm with his pink star nose and oversized hands. Those hands may be made for digging but this enterprising rodent (are moles rodents?) has found a better way!

And that digger is a wonderful old pressed steel toy with a great patina. They don’t make toys like this anymore. It likely dates from the 1930s. I love the still vivid but rusty green, red and blue.

Many of my animals on antique toys illustrate a fun theme– animals that use human-made devices to do what they already do naturally. A mole digging sculpture. Pelicans on fishing boats. Giraffes on ladders. And also for sale, check out this speedy cheetah in a race car.

The mole digging sculpture measures about 12.5 inches high


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