This little girl holding cat is a large version of one of my first (and favorite!) wall sculptures called, “Wanna Pet My Cat?” In this sculpture a little girl, who bears some resemblance to the artist as a young child, offers up her precious kitty for admiration and pets.

The sculpture is full of detail and charm. The little girl has braids with green barrettes that match her cat’s bright green eyes. The girl’s black and white striped knit hat echoes the stripes of her beloved tabby cat. She looks over the top of her cat’s head with earnest if mismatched eyes and a questioning expression.

Like the girl, the kitty also has mismatched eyes and curious look. The cat also features outstretched paws, pink-lined ears, a white pot belly and whiskers that seem to quiver.
This little girl holding cat is large wall sculpture. It measures about 12 inches in length. I formed this sculpture from a porcelain and stoneware blend clay, fired to cone 5. This wall sculpture is designed to hang easily from a single nail or screw (see last photo), but be sure the screw is anchored to support the weight of the sculpture. The sculpture is sure to appeal to cat lovers of all ages.


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