This lion sculpture is one of my favorite designs. It is a whimsical illustration of a favorite African Proverb that I rediscover periodically. “The story will always glorify the hunter until the lion tells the tale.”

In this sculpture, the handsome lion has taken storytelling into his own paws. He sits in front of an old typewriter ready to write. The hard part is over. The lion has already recorded his first line.  “A shot rang out across the savannah.” Now the whole story can unfold.

I created the lion sculpture from different colored clay bodies, finished with stains and washes and fired to cone 5. The lion features a full, dark main, green-tinted eyes, and a thoughtful expression on his face. You can almost see the lion;s nylon whiskers twitch with concentration as his paw hovers over the typewriter keys. The King of the Beasts has an important tale to tell.

The typewriter is a wonderful old metal toy with many working parts. The roller rolls and the keys depress.

The lion and typewriter sit on a rectangular base. I glazed the base with a beautiful textured green and brown glaze except for the plaque with the proverb.  The lion sculpture measures about 11 inches high.


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