This Labrador and Duck sculpture combines a wonderful ceramic labrador retriever sculpture with an awesome antique toy. The pup has a sleek and shiny black coat and a quizzical expression- “is this what I’m supposed to do with big ducks?” I created the labrador retriever mostly from my “obsidian” clay. She or he also features chocolate brown eyes and a little added sheen on the nose. The sculpture was fired to cone 5. My alternative title for this sculpture: Duck? I’m On It!

The duck is a wonderful antique pull toy that has held up amazingly well. The wooden toy was made in 1947! It has a few small areas where the paper graphics are peeled back or missing but the toys is 75 years old!  The graphics are bright and the toy is solid. The duck even opens and closes its bill and quacks when it moves!

The dog and duck will arrive unattached for safer shipping but the pup can be affixed- or not- upon arrival. The labrador and duck sculpture measures 12 inches long and 11.5 inches high.


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