This little garden gnome on snail seemed to appear out of nowhere. Who knows where ideas for sculptures come from? One day the googly-eyed snail creeped out of my bag of clay and then looked at me so expectantly, I decided to make him (or her?) a little companion.

You can see the attention to detail in this sculpture everywhere. The sweet gnome has a flowing blue hat with green trim, full eyebrows and beard, and a bulbous nose. His pointy black gnome toes echo his pointy ears. And the snail! The snail has a super fun bubble pattern on his mottled slug skin and also features cheerful ridges on the shell. In addition, the sculpture depicts a relationship between the two garden creatures. The snail focuses his wild, googly eyes on the gnome (as best he can!). And the gnome returns the gaze with a calm and cheerful demeanor.

I created the fun sculpture from four different colored clays, finished with stains and washes and fired to cone 5. It stands about 6 inches tall


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