Here’s a frog sculpture guaranteed to bring a smile. This helpful green hopper is ready to take charge of pest control. He sits on an antique tin that advertises “No Moth.” And sure enough, he has one of those pesky sweater eaters in his mouth. The spotted moth may be a pest to you, but to the frog it means dinner.

I built the ceramic frog sculpture from a porcelain and stoneware blend clay, finished with stains and fired to cone 5. The frog is affixed to an antique tin. The colorful tin likely dates back to the 1930s. It retains its clear bright graphics despite being almost 100 years old. The orange, black, and white of the tin contrast beautifully with the green frog and the blue and yellow moth. This sculpture is a humorous– and colorful tribute–to the the insect-eating frog.


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