A frog in bunny slippers is guaranteed to bring a smile! Bunnies started the Rudkin Studio fashion fad, and then the dragons joined in, followed by the bears. The frogs have also caught the craze.

In this sculpture, a happy green frog has made himself comfortable in a plush armchair and slipped his long, webbed toes into a cozy pair of slippers. The frog looks up with a quizzical look, “What, you’ve never seen a frog in bunny slippers before?”

I formed the whimsical sculpture using different colored clay bodies. I finished the chair and slippers with stains to bring out their rich textures and detail. Check out the rolled arms on the chair and the fur trim on the slippers (fake fur, of course). The frog sports a shiny green glaze that contrasts nicely with the earth tones in the rest of the sculpture.

This sculpture measures about 5.5 inches high.


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