The foxhound is third in a series of sculptures featuring unlikely friendships. Sometimes sculptures take shape without me knowing exactly why. About a month ago I recreated a design called, “Can I Keep Him.” It features a raccoon nestled between the legs of a coonhound. A day or two later I created a siamese cat. Before I knew it, a mouse had taken up residence between the cat’s front legs. And soon a third sculpture took shape– a foxhound standing guard over his friend the fox. Only later did I realize I had created animals that had overcome the barriers between them. Animals that had forged friendships in unlikely places.  A reminder that divides can be bridged.

I created the handsome tricolor foxhound and his little fox friend from four different colored clay bodies. I finished the piece with stains and washes, fired to cone 5. As a final touch, the fox sports a generous set of nylon whiskers. The sculpture stands almost 8 inches high.

As of this writing, the other two sculptures in this series also appear in my web store.


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