To see entire dragon sculpture, click on image

I love creating dragons and putting friendly expressions on notoriously strong and scary beasts. This amiable creature has found a way to use his super powers for the greater good.  In this dragon sculpture entitled, “Fighting Fire with Fire,” a handsome green dragon sits in the bed of a bright red fire truck. He is ready to lend his fiery breath to a good cause. The dragon sculpture has wonderful detailing and though the dragon is covered with scales and nails, his good intentions shine through. The antique firetruck on which he sits is a fantastic Tonka toy that is probably over 65 years old and still has its rubber hose and ladder — accessories makes this toy an even more rare find. Perfect for dragon lovers, firefighters, or art appreciators drawn to the offbeat, this one-of-a-kind sculpture measures about 17 inches long and  12 inches high.