This endearing and colorful dragon wall sculpture is fun and versatile! Running out of desk or table space? Hang him up on any wall- he won’t take up much space. And while he’s brightening your wall, he can help out, too. Maybe hang him near your desk so he can hold your glasses. Hang him by the door to hold your keys. He can hold all sorts of things– speakers, signs, jewelry. And you’ll always know where to find them!

The sculpture has lots of fun details. The dragon has long scales on his belly, big feet with toenails, lots of skin texture, and oversized, pink-lined ears. Another pop of color come from his mismatched red eyes.

This sweet dragon wall sculpture can hand easily from a single screw (be sure it is anchored to support his weight). I created him from a porcelain and stoneware clay blend, fired to cone 5 and finished with stains and color wash. He (or she) measures just over 12 inches long.


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