This cuddling bulldogs sculpture depicts two canines lazing on the couch. The gold and white bulldog on top seems quite cozy. In fact, she (or he, seems to have dozed off with her paw strewn over her companion and body resting comfortably on top. You can see her mouth open a bit and almost hear the bulldog’s contented snore. The white bulldog on the bottom seems a bit less content. He (or she) has his ears perked and casts a questioning look at his slumbering companion. He seems to be asking, “Are you comfortable?”

I created this sculpture using five different colored clay bodies . A few dashes of bright pink inside the dog’s ears and on the pads bring a little pop of color to the natural earth tones of the clay. natural earth tones. This sculpture measures almost 10 inches long.

Shipping price is for the lower 48 states. Please message or email for other locations.


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