Here’s a cow sculpture that you don’t see every day! This mixed media sculpture features a sweet black and white cow who has found a way to join in on a family road trip.

I created the one-of-a-kind work of art around a fabulous antique truck. The red truck has bright graphics that seem to tell a story. The driver, in uniform, has taken two children in tow.  The work truck has the words “Cattle Truck” emblazoned on the front. Perhaps this is an old-time version of take-your-children-to-work day?  It almost seems as if the little family has taken their cow on an adventure. The man driving has an elbow out the window as he looks back to be sure the resting holstein is enjoying the scenery.

I built the cow sculpture using three different clay bodies, fired to cone 5 and finished with stains and washes. The cow rests on a little hay in the bed of the antique truck. The wood and metal truck was made by Gong Manufacturing Company in 1954. The sculpture measures about 18 inches long.



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