This chocolate lab sculpture is sure to please anyone looking for something sweet to brighten their day. The idea for this sculpture took shape when I found this adorable antique toy candy truck. Who might ride on a candy truck, I wondered. A chocolate labrador retriever of course!

I built the sweet lab from four different colored clays, finished with stains. She (or he) features soulful eyes, perked ears, and a questioning expression. She seems to be asking, “Are you ready for candy?”

The little antique truck is an amazing find. Despite its age it has beautiful bright red and white graphics and lots of wonderful detail such as tires with hubcaps and a little door in the back that latches shut. And you can put your sweet little treasures inside the truck!


This one-of-a-kind mixed media chocolate lab sculpture measures about 7.5 inches high and is sure to please dog lovers, especially lab lovers with a sweet tooth.




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