This bull terrier puppy and parent sculpture is the latest in a series of parent-baby sculptures featuring dogs and other animals. One fun aspect of creating sculptures with two animals is that three spirits are captured: each of the animals and also the relationship between them. This sculpture took shape when I decided to create a large version of an earlier sculpture depicting a bull terrier with one black eye in a spike collar. As I set out to form the piece, I thought about the collar and the idea for the sculpture hit me. I would create one big bull terrier standing sturdy in its spike collar and a little bull terrier puppy nestled between the big dog’s legs, gazing up with a look of admiration and a too-large collar hanging on its neck. A big collar to fill. I also decided to make the dogs with complementary eye patches– one on a right eye and one on the left. That way the dogs would be mirror images of each other. I created this bull terrier puppy and parent sculpture using four different colored clay bodies, finished with stain and washes and fired to cone 5. It stands about 11 inches tall.