This sculpture is perfect for those who appreciate the border collie herding sheep. I call this sculpture, “Sheep Pyramid: You can Teach a Border Collie Anything.” The dog in this sculpture is certainly an overachiever. He (or she) is not content with the more mundane roundup of sheep. He likes his flock carefully arranged. The collie dog has organized the five sheep depicted in the sculpture into a sheep pyramid and supervises them from the top position. Part of the fun of this sculpture is the repeated figures.  All of the sheep AND the collie dog are black and white with pink-lined ears. At first glance the viewer might not even notice that the figure atop the pyramid is not a sheep at all. The sculpture is sure to make you smile.

The border collie herding sheep is a wall sculpture with a triangle hole in the back for easy hanging. But make sure the screw is anchored to support the weight of the sculpture. I created this fun sculpture from a porcelain and stoneware blend clay, fired to cone 5 and finished with stains and washes. It measures just over 12 inches long.

Sveral animal herds and lots of other sculptures appear on my facebook page. More to come!


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