Here’s a very fun Bear on RV sculpture. If you like to camp (or if you were a Yogi Bear fan) you know not to leave food unattended. Otherwise you might return to your campsite to find a well-fed bear. In this sculpture a big brown bear with a very full belly has sprawled out on top of a blue RV. Might be time for a snooze. Nothing better than a nap after a big meal!

The bear is full of charm and detail from his black toe pads to his tan sniffing snout. I used all five of my different colored clay bodies on this guy! He sits a top wonderful antique toys. The toy company Structo manufactured this blue metal camper in the 1960s. They don’t make toys like this anymore! The doors open on one side and in the back to reveal the furnishings (sinks, chairs, etc). Emblazoned on the front is the word “Weekender.”

The Bear on RV sculpture is a wonderful addition to the home of any bear lover or camping enthusiast!


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