I often sculpt patient parent animals with their trouble-making offspring and this basset hound puppy and mother sculpture is a popular design in the series. Indeed, if you follow me on Facebook or Etsy you’ve probably seen an earlier version of this sculpture as my featured cover image.

In this sculpture, the patient mother (or father, maybe, or aunt…) is full of the droops and wrinkles that make basset hounds so appealing. She has settled onto the floor, jowls spread and paws askew.  Meanwhile, the mischievous puppy has scampered onto the back of the bigger dog, grabbed one of the dog’s generous ears in its mouth, and has begun to tug.

I created this whimsical basset hound puppy and mother sculpture from four different colored clay bodies, fired to cone 5 and finished with stains. The sculpture measures about 14 inches long

You can watch a very large bulldog version of this sculpture, which was a custom piece, take shape on my blog.


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