Shoni’s Rescue Dog Fundraiser

It’s time for Shoni’s rescue dog fundraiser! If you follow Rudkin Studio you know that I run an annual doodle-rescue fundraiser in honor of my goofy labradoodle muse, Tupelo Honey. Well, now it’s time for Tupelo’s little sister Shoni to help out her fellow rescues. Are you pretty good at breed identification? See if you can guess Shoni’s ancestors in this online fundraiser.


Pig Sculpture Garbage Truck

Antique Vintage Toys and Tins in Life and Art

When I’m not creating animals in the studio, you might find me shopping for antiques. Although I mostly find antiques online, there’s nothing like the hunt on the ground– visiting flea markets, stopping at yard sales, strolling through antique malls. I never know when and where I will find a treasure. Sometimes people even bring toys to me!

Salamander Girl Close

Custom Art and My First Tattoo

Taking the Plunge

Earlier this year I got my first tattoo. It took awhile to work up the courage. I researched online, made and cancelled appointments, and quizzed friends about their experiences. Finally I realized that I more often regret things I have not done rather than things that I have.

Large Bulldogs with Ball

Building Large Bulldog Sculpture



I just finished building large bulldog sculpture– my biggest custom sculpture to date. I took this photo with a tennis ball to give a sense of the size. I thought art appreciators might enjoy a glimpse into how this piece took shape.



Rhino and Baby

Art Business: The Power of Yearly Themes

Being an artist means spending time alone. A lot of time alone. When I left academia to become a full-time sculptor, I knew that creating would be a largely solitary endeavor. I was going to spend many hours by myself in my studio. Just me and the clay. But the solitariness goes beyond the aloneness of creating.

Learn About My Creative Process

An artist/ art appreciator, Wendy H, recently interviewed me for her blog— Artisan Denizen. She came up with some provocative questions for me. Give a click if you want to learn a little more about my how I got started with clay, why I like Dr. Suess, how I honor my canine muse and more.

Interview with Jennifer Rudkin

November Solo Show at Boulder Public Library

My sculptures will be  on display for the month of November on the bridge at the Boulder Public Library.

The display explains a little about my process of creating Animals on the Move and features the complete  Suessian Series: Ceramic Animals Built on Antique Vehicles that Rhyme.  I hope local people will check it out.

Sculptures Honored by Louisville Art Association

Two of the three sculptures entered at the Louisville Art Association annual Tactile Challenge Show received awards this weekend. The prestigious Judges Award went to Hippopotamus on a Greyhound Bus, my favorite piece of the Seussian series (see previous post). And Digger received an Honorable Mention. What a wonderful surprise!


My 15 Minutes of Fame

My picture made it to the cover of the Daily Camera’s  Friday section. It was quite a shock when I sat down with my coffee and the paper that morning! The photographer caught me working on a roller skating turtle so I guess the turtle got a few minutes of fame as well!

And there was a very nice article on the Tour as well (not 100% accurate in the quotes, but still nice). Check it out online