I do love the gentle giants and this lazy mastiff dog has oversized charm. A lot of love went into this sculpture. Every year for my birthday I give myself the gift of spending as much time as I want in the studio. Moreover, I work with absolutely no agenda. I don’t think about completing custom orders or restocking inventory. I allow myself to build anything that comes to my mind and fingers. This year, I share my birthday with this mastiff dog.

The handsome gold dog sports a dark mask and ears with brown eyes and a soulful expression. She (or he) lies with her big head resting on her front paws, while lots of folds and wrinkles spread around her. She if full of detail as well as charm– check out the detail in her toenails.

I created this marvelous mastiff dog from five different colored clay bodies, finished with stains and fired to cone 5. The sculpture measures about 13 inches long.


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