There’s a black sheep in many families– one individual who stands out in the crowd. And this little herd of sheep is no exception.
The sheep quartet design started a whole line of ceramic wall sculptures. I’ve also created little herds of cows, goats, pigs, horses, chickens, and llamas. But the sheep remain a perennial favorite
The sheep is a repeated design. They have similar fleece coats, amber eyes, and pink-lined ears. Yet each has its very own personality as well. Especially the black sheep!
I created this wall sculpture from a porcelain and stoneware blended clay, finished with stains and washes and fired to cone 5.  The sculpture hangs from two triangle holes in the back. Be sure to anchor the screws if needed to support the weight of the sculpture. The sculpture measures about 10 inches long

You can see more animal herds if you scroll through my facebook page. The original sheep herd first appeared in February 2016, and many followed. And still more to come!


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