Pig Sculpture Garbage Truck

Antique Vintage Toys and Tins in Life and Art

When I’m not creating animals in the studio, you might find me shopping for antiques. Although I mostly find antiques online, there’s nothing like the hunt on the ground– visiting flea markets, stopping at yard sales, strolling through antique malls. I never know when and where I will find a treasure. Sometimes people even bring toys to me!

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Salamander Girl Close

Custom Art and My First Tattoo

Taking the Plunge Earlier this year I got my first tattoo. It took awhile to work up the courage. I researched online, made and cancelled appointments, and quizzed friends about their experiences. Finally I realized that I more often regret things I have not done rather than things that I have.

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Large Bulldogs with Ball

Building Large Bulldog Sculpture

    I just finished building large bulldog sculpture– my biggest custom sculpture to date. I took this photo with a tennis ball to give a sense of the size. I thought art appreciators might enjoy a glimpse into how this piece took shape.    

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Rhino and Baby

Art Business: The Power of Yearly Themes

Being an artist means spending time alone. A lot of time alone. When I left academia to become a full-time sculptor, I knew that creating would be a largely solitary endeavor. I was going to spend many hours by myself in my studio. Just me and the clay. But the solitariness goes beyond the aloneness of creating.

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